Tips for Good Feng Shui - Part 4

If you’ve been following along with our series of Feng Shui tips, today, in our final post, we’re using Feng Shui to address the one of the most important rooms in the home - the bedroom. These are my top tips for creating positive energy in the bedroom using Feng Shui.


Occasional insomnia might be the result of unbalanced energy in your bedroom. Try the following suggestions, but if your room design doesn’t permit perfect Feng Shui, be creative. Experiment with variations and modifications of these ideas to find what works for you.

Place your headboard against a wall to ground your power.

Place your bed diagonally opposite the door so you have a commanding view of the mouth of the Chi and will be in the best position to receive life-force energy as it enters the room. Sleeping is a vulnerable state, so it’s important that your bedroom be supportive to your being.

Do not sleep with your head or feet directly pointed at the door. It’s believed this is a disruptive sleeping position because when a corpse leaves a room it goes feet first.

Avoid putting the head of the bed under a window or exposed beam which gives off bad energy and can lead to unbalanced sleep. If it must be under a window, keep the curtains drawn.

The use of mirrors in your home can create energies that are either very good or very bad, and bedroom mirrors are strictly taboo. Believed to cause infidelity and bad luck, avoid them in this room, particularly opposite the foot of your bed. If you must include them, drape them with cloth or suppress the negative energy with plants or wind chimes.

In conclusion…

From fish to wind chimes to crystals, it’s easy to go overboard and become overwhelmed by Feng Shui. But you don’t have to do everything at once, so go slowly and carefully choose what works best for you. Looking for a good place to start? — Learn how to say it (fung shway) and remove clutter. In Feng Shui, neatness definitely counts.

I hope you will embrace the idea of Feng-Shui and apply some of these philosophies to you life. Please send me pictures and comments. I want to know how these changes affect your life!

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