Tips for Good Feng Shui - Part 2

Today we’re sharing more tips on how to use Feng Shui to achieve harmony within your home.


If you have long corridors or cramped spaces in your home, paint them white and keep them well lit to ensure your Chi does not become stagnant.


Adequate natural lighting, as well as artificial lighting is important. You can enhance light further with mirrors to boost the energy in the home, increase opportunities and broaden possibilities.


Mirrors are referred to as the aspirin of Feng Shui. They can correct many problems, but they must be used properly. When placed badly, mirrors can cause problems, especially in the bedroom.

  • When part of your floor plan is missing a corner, place a mirror on the opposite wall to “create” the missing area.
  • A mirror at the bottom of stairs will slow down the Chi going downstairs.
  • Use mirrors to open up small, cramped spaces and amplify light. This will prevent Chi from becoming stagnant.
  • Draw in the good energy of pleasant views. Mirrors should reflect something you want to see more of, such as your garden, trees or light.

Floor Coverings

A carpet should blend with all the elements of the room, but the ruling element (ie: wood if the room is in the north) should help you choose the color and pattern. A rug can activate healthy energy flow into and through your living space by highlighting specific parts of a room.

The Bathroom

At last you can give the men in your home a good reason to keep the toilet cover closed — doing so prevents Chi being unnecessarily flushed away.


Fix and repair windows. They are the eyes of the Chi and affect one’s clarity, so replace broken glass panes and clean the windows. Chi flows through windows even when they’re closed.

Check back tomorrow to learn how you can use color, accessories and even fish according to the principles of Feng Shui! Or, catch up with Part 1 of the Series.

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