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Virtual Home Staging

Recently, one of our former clients approached us because he was selling his home and needed help staging his primary living space. His home had a open floor plan with a main living room open to the kitchen and an adjacent dining room and sitting area. Our client is a bachelor who lives alone and he was using the primary living room as a pool room that was filled almost entirely with a large, modern pool table. His realtor suggested that he stage the pool room as a more traditional living space in order to appeal to buyers with families. He was reluctant to give up his pool table while the house was on the market, and this is where we stepped in to help.

We created two alternate layouts for the space and corresponding three dimensional perspectives. The realtor was able to include these images with the other information for the home, and buyers were able to envision how the room might look if it were used as a family room, primarily for watching tv. The two different options also allowed them to see how different furniture arrangements could work in the room.

The floor plans and perspectives were purposefully rendered in gray and white so that the buyer would focus on the potential for the space on not on whether or not they liked the color palette or finishes. The goal was to help them picture their belongings in the room by using simple forms in a monochromatic scheme.

Selling your home can often turn into a long and frustrating process. It can be very tiring to constantly live in a showroom or to rearrange your home in order to appeal to that elusive buyer. And, how do you even know that the changes you make to your home are the right changes for the right buyer? By using our Virtual Staging solution, our client was able to present one room three different ways. This technique could be applied to out-dated kitchens and bathrooms, nurseries, offices, etc. The options are really endless.

If you think that Virtual Staging could help with selling your home, we would love to help. Call us today at 515.633.0777 or email us at [email protected]. You do not need to live in the Des Moines area for us to create a package like this for you.

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