Seven Tips for Buying Leather Furniture

Today we’re back with Scott’s tips for buying leather furniture. Quality leather furniture is an investment, so you will definitely benefit from considering these tips as you choose your leather pieces and live with them for years to come.

1. Ask the manufacture for details about where the leather originated. Inquire if the skin is natural. You can test this by pressing down into the leather to determine flexibility and stretch. It should return to its original shape if the skin is natural.

Vanguard Furniture Normandy Recliner

2. Sit on the furniture. Quality leather breathes. Unlike synthetic leather, it is cool in the summer and retains heat in the winter. Sticky or clammy leather is sign of poor quality.

Leather Wing Chair by Precedent Furniture

3. Compare cleaning instructions. Good leather furniture is durable and can be cleaned with minimal effort. Quality leather furniture is also fire resistant and emits no toxins even when exposed to high heat.

4. Determine if the furniture is made out of corrected leather. Corrected leather has been sanded and embossed to remove blemishes. It has also been treated with a protective coating to improve resistance to water.

5. Determine if the leather is untreated leather. Untreated leather is usually selected from the best hides (skins). These are chosen according to suppleness and touch. It will develop a natural patina over time.

Vanguard Gwyn Chair in Yellow Leather

6. Some people prefer the natural scarring or wrinkles uncorrected leather provides for furniture. Some products are described as all “genuine leather.” However, that may not be true. Close examination might reveal that the sides and backs, the less visible sections, are vinyl or leather that doesn’t quite match. Over time, the leather can mellow and the vinyl may become brittle.

Precedent Furniture Leather Settee

7. Finally, be careful to keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight! The rays can cause discoloration and/or fading.

All of the furniture pictured in this post is available from Scott’s Creative Home. Contact us today at 515.633.0777 or email us if you are interested in purchasing furniture for your home!

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