Tips for Good Feng Shui - Part 3

This post is the third in a four part series on tips for using Feng Shui to achieve harmony and balance in your home.


Anything made of crystal is good as it acts as a prism and brings in more good Chi.

Wind chimes are excellent Feng Shui tools. Use six or eight rods to enhance good luck, and five rods (preferably made of metal) to “push down” bad energy.

To attract influential people into your life, place a wind chime with six or eight metal rods in the north-west of your living room.


Use colors to create balance. Every color has a unique vibrational frequency and the five elements are each represented by color, as shown on the Ba Gua. For example, if you want to relax, green — associated with the element wood and life aspiration for health and family — is the most soothing color and a great choice for bedrooms. If you have white walls you can balance out your colors with rugs, pictures, chairs, etc. Avoid too much of any one color.


Place a fish tank in the north sector of your living room or home office to energize the career aspiration which is governed by water. Place one in the south-east sector to activate the wealth area. The best fish to use are arrowana or goldfish: eight gold and one black or two gold and one black are auspicious combinations.

Tomorrow, we’ll be wrapping up this little series on tips for good feng shui with one of the most important rooms in the home.

Tips for Good Feng Shui - Part 1, Part 2

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