Tips for Good Feng Shui - Part 1

Last week we talk about how to use the Ba-Gua to identify the different spaces in you home which represent specific areas in your life. I have enjoyed your comments this last week. It seems many of you are very interested in the Prosperity Gua – who isn’t, right? I thought I would wrap up this series with some quick and easy tips for good Feng Shui. Continue to consider the Ba-Gua (the areas in you life that may be lacking) when applying these tips. May you create positive energy that allows you to be prosperous in your life!


The front entrance is where Chi enters your home. It should be well-defined, clear of clutter, bright and open. Remove mirrors opposite your entryway door. The mirror will reflect beneficial Chi — and prosperity — out of your home before it has a chance to enter.


The energy of the chef is imparted into the food so it’s important to create a balanced environment. Placing your stove next to or directly opposite your sink or refrigerator will cause a clash between the fire and water elements. Leave space between them and place your stove in the south, rotating your use of each burner to encourage the flow of prosperity.

Dining Room

Place portraits of food or a large mirror in your dining area to promote abundance.

Living Room

The heart of family life, the living room is where you kick-back, relax and enjoy. The energy flow of this all-important room is essential for good Feng Shui.The living room should be clutter free and not over-furnished.

Arrange furniture to create a leisurely meandering flow.

Soft, rounded sofas and chairs with high backs symbolize support in the lives of family members.

Hang pictures of friends and family on the east wall to enhance the family and health sector (refer to the Ba-Gua).

Place stereo equipment on the west wall to bring extra luck to your home.

Dispel negative Chi caused by televisions (due to the electrical field they emanate) by hiding them behind entertainment center doors or strategically placed plants.

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