Our Teams Vision

We envision our designers working through an online showroom supported with our local physical showroom. With the ease of this virtual online showroom, our designers will be able to;

  • Organize client files and their selections.
  • Create space plans for their clients.
  • Manage order processing electronically
  • And much, much more

We know this will dramatically change the way interior designers’ work today. Our team is working to make this vision a reality very soon.

Our Team’s Values

At the core of our team’s success is its ongoing knowledge about the law of attraction. What you think about, you bring about. Our team works weekly with their affirmations, visualizations and most importantly gratitude. The love of their work and the love for themselves, as well as the team, creates the highest values imaginable. This dedication to self-improvement is reflected in our continued team improvement and our improvement in our relationships with YOU.

The most powerful value we can hold is our ‘asking’ of our designers; asking for their opinions, asking for their input, asking for their loyalty, and asking for their help to make this their showroom.

And finally it never hurts to practice a little Feng Shui.

Contact Us

Megan Baccam is your Account Representative and Furniture Handlers’ Coordinator.

Megan is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Textiles and Apparel. She previously worked as an assistant buyer for Younkers.

Megan is your go to person for account information and payment processing. She can also answer questions regarding furniture receiving, assembly, fabric protection, and delivery.

[email protected]

Scott Dean - Owner/Support. Scott has been working in the interior design field for 100 years. First working in Boulder, Colorado, he now heads up the support role of Designers Edge.

You can ask him about anything in interior design and he will either have an answer or get you one. There are no problems he can’t solve.

[email protected]