Designers Edge Membership Program
Enjoy the great benefits of Designers Edge Showroom membership, exclusively for design industry professionals and interior design students. Receive discounts, priority mailings, invitations to industry events, and more.
Highlights of Benefits*

  • First knowledge of new industry product, special discounts and services
  • Exclusive entry in the Membership Reward Program. Sign in registry book every time you visit Designers Edge to win monthly and annual prizes
  • Receive Exclusive Member newsletters
  • Invitation to exclusive educational events and seminars
  • Invitation to designer focus group evening events. To discuss, brainstorm and share ideas on marketing, pricing, client relations, problem resolution and other optional topics.
  • Member discount purchase program
  • Furniture Handlers discount program (including receiving, furniture assembly & fabric protection)
  • Use of Furniture Handlers commercial van rental
  • Designer link to personal website from
  • Designer profile page with head shot photo
  • 2 published client referral testimonials
  • Portfolio page with up to 3 projects
  • Included in printed advertising when available

Trade Membership Requirements

  • Business card indicating association to the interior design and furnishings industry
  • Valid resale permit, architect or contractor license (business license if out of state)
  • Business check or credit card
  • Monthly Fees to be paid by the 1st of each month. First and last month to be paid up front with the exception of those who take advantage of annual payment option.
  • Student membership requires copy of Student ID badge from an accredited interior design school/program; or proof of registration in such institutions.


  • Monthly and annual payment options
  • Auto Debit option - receive 10% discount
  • Corporate discount is given to companies with more than four employee
  • Fee is non-refundable*
  • Make check payable to Designers Edge Showroom

All applications are processed within 7 business days by mail only. Print our online trade membership application form.
*Membership benefits may change at any time without prior notice.

**Designers Edge Showroom reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. If Designers Edge exercises its right to terminate a membership, a prorated refund of the fee will be made.

ACCOUNT REGISTRATION - Designers Edge Showroom

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A Designers Edge representative will call you to get your credit card information and shipping address on file.

Thank you for registering with Designers Edge Showroom. If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to register as a member on our website as well ( We look forward to doing business with you and growing our relationship for many years to come. Please be sure to read through this document in its entirety so that you are aware of the guideline we feel are important in running a successful design showroom.

Quotes can be given by any one of our staff. Quotes are honored for 30 days from the date quoted, unless otherwise noted. All pricing will be given in “designer net” and will NOT include freight fees. We also have an on-line quote form that you can utilize… just click on the “Quote” button on the home page, complete the necessary sections, click “Submit Form” and it will be emailed to the showroom.

When placing an order, please make sure that it is in written format – fax, email or on a Purchase Order form. You will need to specify your account name, along with where you would like the product(s) shipped. Other helpful information includes, but is not limited to: Manufacturer, Product #, (Fabric) Pattern Name, Color, Quantity &/or Finish. A deposit of 50% is necessary for the order to be placed. The remaining balance plus any freight &/or fuel surcharges will be invoiced to you at the time the product leaves the manufacturer.

Payment Options, Invoicing
We accept: cash, checks and credit cards (Master Card, Visa and Discover). Effective August 1st, 2009 all credit card transactions will have a 2% surcharge added to the amount run. A 2% discount is available for all orders paid for 100% up-front (by check or cash). We also have a financing program available that is 90-days “same as cash”. This program is offered through American General. Applications are available in the showroom.

Book, Sample Check-Outs
All of our fabric & wall-covering books are available for check-out. We ask that you simply write down what you are taking outside of the showroom in the small white binder called “Merchandise / Sample Check-Out Log Book”. It is normally located on one of the work tables, but if you are unable to find it – please ask. Anything checked out should be returned within 48 hours of leaving the showroom. We ask that products be returned within this timeframe so that we can keep the showroom as close to 100% as possible. Products and Books will be available when you need them, if you honor this system. We all know how frustrating it is when you are looking for something specific & it has been checked out and not available when you need it… If the product has not been returned within the allotted time, you will receive a follow-up email for phone call from one of our staff. Failure to return the product(s)/ samples can result in an assessed late fee. Other products available for check-out: window treatment books, hanging fabric samples, wood finishes & rug samples. We prefer that catalogs/binders are NOT removed from the showroom. If needed, an email can be sent with a web link, or a photo copy can be made in order for your clients to view proposed products. We ask that photo copies be kept to a minimum – in order conserve costs, as well as our earth! All invoices will be sent when products ship. We will invoice you, as soon as we receive an invoice from the manufacturer including freight fees. ALL invoices are due upon receipt. NOTE: We do not have 30 day terms.

We ask that you limit the number of products checked out at one time, to 10 or less.

When you return books, products or samples…PLEASE be sure to check them back in, in the same book used to check them out. Simply place a check-mark next to the description of the product, along with the date it was returned. This will prevent an unnecessary follow up email or phone call from being made by one of our staff.

Also, if you have time – we would greatly appreciate it if you would return the products / books back to where you got them from.

Fabric Memo Samples
We are more than happy to order you a fabric memo from any of our fabric lines. We do not stock memo samples. All fabric manufacturers provide no-cost memo samples, with the exception of Kasmir Fabrics. Kasmir does invoice for the shipping of the memos, which we will in turn invoice to you, the designer. Again, we asked that you return the samples once you are done working with them. Most will come with a self-addressed, postage paid envelope for returning at a later date. Fabric memos can be sent to you – the designer, your client, or here to the showroom.

Receiving Services
We have a generous sized warehouse that allows us to offer you receiving services. Any order that is placed through Designers Edge Showroom and is received at our warehouse will have a flat fee of $15.00 per piece. This is for any product that is delivered by a freight/trucking company. Smaller pieces that have the ability to be received from UPS or Fed-Ex will not incur a receiving fee. Orders that are not placed through Designers Edge Showroom can also be received at our warehouse, but will have a different pricing structure. Please ask for the Furniture Handlers fees list, if you are interested in this service.

We have a commercial van, as well as a ‘cube-truck’ that are available for deliveries. If these options will not work for your particular situation, we can recommend a professional delivery company. Pricing available upon request.

Fabric Protection
We offer Master Seal fabric protection. Master Seal uses a Teflon coating to protect against most water-based and oil-based food stains. It also contains an anti-static additive to help repel dust and dirt plus an ultraviolet inhibitor to help reduce premature fading by UV light sources. This carries a five year warranty. Master Seal paperwork is available upon request. Designer pricing also available upon request.