About Scott

If you ask Scott he will say he has been an interior designer for 100 years.

What started as a routine interview in 1986 at Boulder Interiors turned out to be the start of a “Hands on Education” that continues every day. Today I have dabbled in almost every aspect of the home from construction framing to creating beautiful table center pieces. I have (unofficially) named my News-Blog ‘From Microlams to Bobeche’.

Hands ON . After working at Boulder Interiors, I went to work for a couple of different flooring stores in Colorado. From there I went to work in construction here in Iowa, which included remodeling apartments, laying carpet, painting, installing HVAC, electrical and plumbing work and much more. I was able to get hands on experience in several aspects of construction . I had the opportunity to work with tile installers, upholsterers, drapery workrooms and many more trades that gave me huge insight into interior design.

The Start. While I was working for interior designer Tommy Tucker, helping him rebuild his studio after the flood of 1993 hit Historic Valley Junction, several clients came and asked me to do construction projects for their homes. I worked remodel construction for a few years, updating a home for resale, remodeling a kitchen, finishing a lower level and numerous other projects. It was at this time that I thought I would like to have more knowledge in the furnishing aspect of design and went to work for a local furniture retailer in Iowa for about 3 years. Armed with even more hands on experience I started ’Creative Home Consulting’ interior design firm . I established a new studio in Historic Valley Juction in an old house. I had the house gutted and went way over budget (if there even was a budget) on making this studio a destination place for clients. (See ‘The Valley Junction Studio” in Projects for photos). I had fun making that studio unique and the business grew for me during those years. I gave the opportunity for some who wanted to work in the design industry taking on associate designers and interns.The Project. In 2005 at a dinner party I met Kristine Winber . I worked on a small project for her in Sherman Hills on a space that required some versatile furnishings. Kristine showed that project to some friends in Berkeley California. They were looking for interior design direction for a retreat center in northern California. Kristine and I worked for nearly 3 1/2 years on a project that would touch every aspect of my life and then some. (see Ratna Ling Retreat Center in projects)

My House Once the traveling slowed down from working in California I was able to turn my attention to my home that I share with partner Mark Matteo. After 12 years of working on our historic 4 square house in the Drake University neighborhood, it was time to finish it up. I was asked numerous times about my house. Many friends and clients would say ‘I’ll bet your house is really cool’ well it wasn’t until June of 2009. We signed up to be a show home in the Drake Neighborhoods Historical Walking Tour in early 2009 and the race was on… We finished it, every detail just minutes before the tour began. (see My Home in projects)

My Studio Creative Home Today my interior design studio is located in Urbandale, Iowa. An area that is more centrally located in the Des Moines, metro area. I love working with clients in our new space. We have a huge selection of interior finish products, fabrics, furniture, blinds, shades and much more. Come see me and I will give you a tour and we can talk about your projects.

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