Remodel Consultation

An assessment of interior home improvement projects. Projects are evaluated according to the following elements that apply to your project:

Structural space planning
Windows and Walls
Electrical and Lighting
Flooring and Surfaces
Cabinetry and Trim
Paint and Finishes

Issues addressed may include:

*Wall Placement

*Framing issues

*Plumbing Assessment

*Electrical & Lighting Assessment

*HVAC Assessment

*Provide rough drafting : floor plans and layout option

*Placement of current interior items: i.e. workout equipment, freezer etc.

*Provide Ideas on product specifications for built-ins such as bars, kitchens and / or bathrooms

*Provide rough remodel building schedules

*Provide a bid and allowance for the project

*Provide some ideas on furniture placement

*Answer questions about the process, and any specific special attention items for the remodel.

We give you schedules of items necessary to finish your project and a possible budget.

Average Cost: $495.00

Note: Each remodel project is very different. Items listed above may or may not apply to your project. Time and cost to cover these items may vary per project.

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