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Your Home is your greatest comfort!!

When you enter your home it should feel like you have left the chaos behind. If your house is in a state of transition to what and who you truly are, then it isn’t home yet!

Let me guide you in making your house become your home!!

Together we can create a HomePlan so your home surrounds you, comforts you, reflects you and gives you a complete feeling.

Call today and get the PLAN, and start feeling good now!!

Scott Dean, an Interior Designer serving the Des Moines metro, Iowa and beyond!


I am an interior designer who has worked on both commercial and residential projects. I have worked on many projects in Iowa, California, Minnesota, Texas and a few other places in between. I find when it comes to interior design, it’s not about where you live but who YOU are…… I stopped talking about interior design styles long ago and started talking about YOU. It’s not about what window shades you purchased whether it was Hunter Douglas or Graber, but about what works best for YOU. I don’t care about the latest color trends from Benjamin Moore or Sherman Williams, I want to surround you with color that makes YOU feel good. Your home is a direct reflection of who you are, not the latest trends, your friends, where you live and especially not your designer.

Do you see a theme here??

My concept of Interior Design whether it be here in Des Moines, Iowa or California is all about how your home makes YOU feel.



Call me what you want!!

I have often been asked about the terms Interior Decorator and Interior Designer. Here are my simplified definitions:

Interior Designer: Specifies structural properties (Refers to the materials used to build, cover and illuminate walls, floors, ceilings, cabinetry and furniture).

Interior Decorating: Object Orientation (Refers to placing furniture, bedding, lamps, artwork and accessories within a space).


Everybody needs a little help now and then and I can help.

Even purchasing window blinds, I can help.

There is a great comfort in knowing that you have an interior designer helping you make even simple decisions. We always start with a little conversation about your projects and figure out what help you need. A phone conversation is easy and its FREE… Call me today. Let me be your Iowa Interior Designer.


Or stop by the studio at 2900 Justin Drive Suite C, Urbandale Iowa

Scott Dean, an Interior Designer serving the Des Moines metro area, Iowa and beyond

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